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  We buy and sale of used Test & Measurement Equipment

What's new! 【Recommended T/M of this month】
@ Manufacturer:Agilent
Description:4GHz/4ch/40GS/s, Infiniium oscilloscope

Sales price:JPY980,000
item code:6062
List price:JPY6,926,304
A Manufacturer:Keysight
Description:Digital Multimeter, 6.5 digit, basic Truevolt DMM

Sales price:sold out
商品A 商品A
item code:4955
List price:JPY107,129
B Manufacturer:Tektronix
Description:8GHz,20GSa/s,4ch Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Sales price:JPY890,000
商品B 商品B
item code:6044
List price:
C Manufacturer:Tektronix
Description:8GHz/4ch/25GS/s Digital Serial Analyzer

Sales price:sold out
item code:4777
List price:
【Update history】

In today's accelerating technological world, we are producing electronic products at an ever increasing rate. On the other hand, we are also producing a faster-growing environmental hazard, caused by electronic waste. Electronic waste(or e-waste) is a serious problem we face today, and if left unattended, the problem will certainly grow exponentially.
There are different steps individuals can take to lighten this load.

One option is to REDUCE, as in reduce consumption. In some cases, individuals can decide what products they will choose to use, and products that they can live without. But often times than not, technology is appealing and the choice to limit usage is impractical.

Another option is to RECYCLE, We can take electronic products to recycling centers to properly dismantle, dispose some parts in new products. However, this practice can be costly and time consuming. Recycling centers will often times charge individuals a fee to recycle the products they bring in.

A more logical and efficient practice may be to REUSE. Surveys show that a high percentage of electronic products can be reused by other individuals and companies. Reuse of these products is economical and also the best method to decrease e-waste.

Star Technology is a company that provides for the need of this reduction of e-waste. Our business is to purchase used test equipments and resale them to other individuals or business that can make good use of these same equipments.
Star Technology will obtain equipment data specification and provide this data t our customers so that they can purchase equipments that will fit their task precisely.

If we apply used test equipments, that are still very capable for today's tasks into current business, we can see a significant reduction in electronic waste. And that is beneficial for everyone.

Star Technology Corp